What Does Microneedling Feel Like?

Microneedling is an old-school procedure that’s new again. There’s a reason celebrities flock to the procedure: It’s a minimally invasive alternative to laser and injectable treatments with long-lasting, youth-enhancing results.

During a microneedling session, a device equipped with dozens of tiny needles glides across your skin to create controlled injuries. These pricks are invisible to the eye, but your body rushes in healing compounds in response to the wounds, promoting collagen development. Collagen is an integral skin protein that provides elasticity and strength.

While you love the idea of smooth, clear skin, the idea of having needles repeatedly prick your skin sounds scary. At Signature Skin Care in Edmond, Oklahoma, Gina L. Ressler, MD, and her aesthetics team do everything possible to make the procedure comfortable with almost no side effects.

Read on to find out what to expect during a microneedling session, then call the office or schedule your appointment online.

The process of microneedling

When you come into Signature Skin Care, we escort you to a private treatment room. A clinician then cleans and prepares your skin. As you lay back and relax on a treatment table, the aesthetician applies a topical numbing cream to your face and neck.

After the numbing cream sets in, the aesthetician moves the microneedling device across your skin. As it vibrates, you feel pressure and prickles.

The aftereffects of microneedling

After a microneedling session, you may have some redness and areas of swelling. This may last for a day or two after your session, but resolves on its own. Your skin will looked flushed and radiant.

The microneedling process leaves your skin temporarily more receptive to serums and hydration creams, which only boost your skin’s health, texture, and appearance.

The real feeling

The numbing cream goes a long way in muting sensation during the microneedling session. The procedure definitely causes some discomfort, but most people tolerate it extremely well. You may notice some areas are more sensitive than others. Often these are the jawline, hairline, and forehead. Sessions are also short, about 20 minutes at most.

The bottom line

Microneedling leaves you with glowing skin, smaller pores, and smoothed-out lines. Microneedling isn’t relaxing like a spa massage, but it does the job when it comes to achieving a beautiful complexion. We do everything possible here at Signature Skin Care to make your experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We want you to look forward to coming back.

And the procedure really is gentle enough to have done every 30 days or so. Spacing treatments out gives your skin the chance to produce more collagen and elastin. Dr. Ressler recommends about six sessions in total to see optimal results, but some people with deeper acne scars, age spots, or deep wrinkles may benefit from up to 10 treatments.

If you’re looking to revitalize your complexion, consider microneedling. This procedure stimulates your body to smooth out your skin and help you appear bright and rejuvenated. Plus, all the expensive products you invest in for healthy, wrinkle-free skin work that much better when accompanied by microneedling sessions.

Call us at Signature Skin Care to book your microneedling appointment or use this website to request a consultation. We look forward to helping you look your best..

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