The Secret to Anti-Aging Treatments Is in Your Own Body: Learn About ALMI Fat Transfer With PRP

ALMI™ stands for Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection. It’s a revolutionary therapy used to help reverse the visible signs of aging and is available at Signature Skin Care.

Fat and platelets come from your own body, and we inject them into key treatment areas to provide you with a youthful look and fill in volume loss. The procedure is safe, natural, and minimally invasive. Read on to learn why you should consider this anti-aging treatment to revolutionize your look.

Reverse aging effects

As you age, you’ll notice fine lines and wrinkles become deeper and more apparent. You lose volume in your lips and cheeks, giving you a hollowed appearance. Collagen, a skin-strengthening protein, depletes as you age, leading to accelerated signs of aging. You experience drooping eyelids, a sagging brow line, and dark circles around your eyes as a result.

About the fat transfer process

We take fat from a part of your body, such as your thighs or belly, then purify, liquefy, and inject it into areas of your face that need restoration. It acts just like dermal fillers but comes from your own body, so the risk of complications is minimal. Plus, fat transfer gives you more natural-looking results than dermal fillers. Cells in treated areas plump so you look younger and lines and wrinkles fade.

In addition to transferring fat, we include an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to boost your youth-enhancing results. Platelet-rich plasma is derived from your own blood. It features a concentrated platelet count; platelets deliver exceptional healing capabilities that promote new cell growth in the areas where we inject the fat.

The PRP stimulates your tissue to form more blood vessels, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid — all of which make your skin look smoother, more radiant, and healthy.

Why you should consider ALMI fat transfer with PRP

ALMI fat transfer with PRP is natural; it uses your own body’s healing capacity to boost the look of your tissue. The results look natural, too, and the procedure is perfect for anyone who may have sensitivities to ingredients in commercial dermal fillers. ALMI fat transfer is relatively quick, taking just about 45 minutes, and requires minimal downtime.

You get the benefits of rejuvenated tissue, restored tone and elasticity, and smoothed-out lines and wrinkles. Your results last a long time, too — up to two years. You see a change immediately after the treatment and just continue to look better as collagen production improves and new cells turn over.

The procedure process

The ALMI fat transfer procedure is relatively straightforward and involves minimal discomfort. We first harvest fat cells from a designated part of your body by numbing the area and inserting a needle-sized tube. The fat is refined for transfer. A sample of your blood is similarly obtained from your arm and spun down in a centrifuge to create the PRP.

We insert the fat into the designated areas of your face to be rejuvenated. Injections of PRP follow. We apply a topical anesthetic before the injections to make the procedure pain-free. When you leave your appointment, you can go back to all your daily activities without needing to schedule downtime.

To learn more about ALMI fat transfers and PRP treatments to reduce the signs of aging and boost your overall look, call us at Signature Skin Care or book a consultation using our online tool.

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