What is Sculpsure?

If you work hard at your fitness routine and are basically happy with your overall weight and fitness level, but still have that little “muffin-top”, “love handles” or back fat that resist your best efforts, SculpSure offers a great, non-surgical option for eliminating what diet and exercise alone cannot.

SculpSure for Men is an FDA-cleared procedure that burns away stubborn fat (like love handles and spare tires). One treatment, 25 minutes, resulting in approximately 24% less fat. Maintain your weight and it’s permanent.

How SculpSure Works

SculpSure is new FDA-approved, non-invasive sculpting treatment that naturally melts the accumulations of fat from hard-to-loose spots, like the flanks, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. These fat cells are melted through a controlled light-based laser that penetrates the skin’s surface in trouble spots.

Once these fat cells have been targeted, they are naturally reduced over the next 6 to 12 weeks through the body’s lymphatic system. This simple office procedure takes only about 25 minutes, and up to four different body areas can be treated simultaneously. There’s no pain, anesthesia or downtime.

Theres No Pain, Anesthesia or Downtime

Your SculpSure treatment will be scheduled at your convenience and only takes 25 minutes. Following your treatment, you can immediately return to your normal activities including work or exercise.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Patients routinely achieve up to 24% reduction in fat after their initial treatment. Many patients opt for follow-up sessions for more dramatic results. It is important to continue a healthy eating and exercising routine. Weight gain post-SculpSure is possible, however, fat will not accumulate in treated areas, but rather somewhere else in the body.

SculpSure Vs CoolSculpting

  • Coolsculpting uses suction applicators, while SculpSure’s applicator is a flat sapphire crystal, therefore at least an inch of unwanted fat in any given area is required in order to adequately be sucked into the applicator.
  • For Coolsculpting the force required for suction can be extremely painful during the first 6 minutes of treatment before the target area becomes numb. Many also report that this pain resumes following treatment, once the numbness has worn off.
  • The Coolsculpting suction applicator can cause “shelving,” a demarcation between the treated and non-treated areas, also known as “a shark bite.” SculpSure’s applicator sits on top of the skin and does not use suction. The SculpSure laser also permits for tapering so there are no delineations between treated and non-treated areas.
  • As SculpSure uses heat it also may stimulate collagen to tighten skin.
  • SculpSure is able to treat up to four different areas of the body in a single 25-minute session. Coolsculpting is able to treat just one area at a time. If an office has two Coolsculpting machines available, it can offer Dual Sculpting, which cuts treatment time in half, meaning it will typically take 3 to 4 hours to treat an average patient’s abdomen and flanks.
  • Coolsculpting uses cold to kill off fat cells, which according to numerous reports, can also cause long-term nerve damage, along with temporary nodules, bruising, and itching that can last weeks, even months, and require prescription medication to alleviate. By contrast, SculpSure utilizes a 1060nm diode laser, to generate heat deep in the skin and melt fat, without affecting the skin surface or any underlying structures. The heat of SculpSure does not damage any tissue other than fat. There may be some swelling and bruising after treatment that typically lasts less than 24 hours and amazingly you can return right to work or even the gym immediately after treatment.