What is BioTE hormone replacement therapy for men?

BioTE hormone replacement therapy is a convenient way to regulate your changing, fluctuating hormones as you age. Hormonal changes affect women and men differently, as part of the natural aging process. For men, symptoms may include:

  • Erectile dysfunction or decreased sex drive
  • Loss of muscle mass and weight gain
  • Fatigue and insomnia
  • Moodiness, depression, or anxiety
  • Low blood pressure

BioTE pellet therapy replaces the hormones your body is now making less of, and helps to stabilize hormone levels. A provider at Signature Skin Care places the pellets just under your skin where they gradually and consistently release the hormones you need, for up to six months, without unpleasant side effects. BioTE pellets contain natural ingredients and are chemically identical to those your body produces on its own.

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