Regain Your Youthful Radiance With an ALMI Fat Transfer

As you get older, your skin begins to lose structural compounds that provide plumpness, strength, and tautness. Your skin consequently suffers in volume, texture, and tone. Dr. Gina Ressler and the rest of our expert team at Signature Skin Care want to help you look your best. With ALMI (autologous lipocyte micronized injection), you can do just that.

This rejuvenation procedure uses your own tissue to restore a youthful look. You’ll look radiant and younger naturally, without serious complications, recovery time, or nasty side effects.

Aging gracefully

You take great care of yourself, but the effects of time, sun exposure, and pollutants age your skin. By age 40, most people have lost up to 20% of their collagen — a skin-strengthening compound — and by age 50, they’ve lost about 30%. You may feel young, but your skin makes you look much older.

To restore the structural integrity of your look, ALMI uses your own regenerative cells and fat tissues. After an ALMI procedure, age-damaged tissue is rejuvenated, hollowed out areas — such as lines around the mouth or near your temples — fill in, and wrinkles and lines look smoother. Your jawline and chin area look more defined as your skin experiences restored elasticity.

ALMI can also plump your lips and reduce the appearance of vertical lip lines. If you have lax skin around your neck and chest, fat transfers add lift and firmness, too.

Discuss your aesthetic concerns and goals with Dr. Ressler. She can help you understand how ALMI can help.

The ALMI procedure

ALMI is a fat transfer (or fat grafting) in which we take fat from another part of your body — such as your belly — liquify it, and inject it into the appropriate areas of your face. The fat acts like a dermal filler, giving you immediate plumping and recontouring results.

Unlike fat transfers of the past, ALMI is safe and effective and uses revolutionary technology to promote healing and new cell growth. Because the procedure uses your own tissues, you don’t have to worry about putting products into your face or your body rejecting the material.

A simple process

At Signature Skin Care, we perform ALMI right in our comfortable office. The entire process usually takes an hour or less. You receive a local anesthetic while the technicians harvest a small sample of tissue from your donor site (stomach or flanks, usually) using a needle-sized cannula, or tube.

We then purify and liquify your fat so we can deliver it easily via injection.

In some cases, Dr. Ressler may also add platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to enhance the process. She draws a small sample of blood to spin down in a centrifuge and concentrate the platelet count for PRP injections. The high number of platelets in the PRP administered to your face along with the fat accelerates healing and cell turnover.

No measurable downtime

One of the biggest benefits of ALMI is its convenience. You don’t have to worry about long downtime and recoveries as you do after surgical procedures. Go right back to virtually all your regular activities following the procedure. You get complete rejuvenation and gain youth without interruptions to your life.

Fat transfers are the perfect way to create a youthful look without surgery. Call the office or book an appointment using this website.

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