Turn Back the Clock Without Plastic Surgery with Injectable Dermal Fillers

Signature Skin Care offers a variety of dermal fillers that help to instantly restore your skin’s volume and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, like your smile lines or parentheses. When injected under the skin, a dermal filler raises or plumps up the area.

Our Edmond spa is dedicated to using only quality products, and we have a product that is right for you.

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The active ingredients in the various fillers all perform in unique ways, creating different effects. Our medical director Gina Ressler, a board-certified doctor with decades of experience, will recommend different products for different goals. She may also suggest a combination of dermal fillers or other injectables to achieve extraordinary results.

All injections are administered by state-licensed technicians trained and supervised by Dr. Ressler, who also supervises all other dermatological cosmetic procedures. In addition to being a highly skilled physician, Dr. Ressler and her team are firm believers in formulating a treatment plan with the patient that will lead to natural-looking results that exceed expectations. Learn more about Dr. Ressler here!

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