Erase unflattering wrinkles and laugh lines with regular Botox® injections. This effective medication, derived from a purified neurotoxin, temporarily softens your expression to give you a youthful appearance. Gina L. Ressler, MD, and our team at Signature Skin Care specialize in Botox® injections for men and women in the greater Oklahoma City area.

We can get you on a regular treatment schedule so you maintain the youth-enhancing benefits of Botox year-round. The injections become as much of a part of your body routine as getting your hair cut and nails done.

Candidates for Botox

Anyone bothered by facial expression wrinkles and lines can benefit from Botox. The injections are most effective on horizontal forehead lines that deepen when you look surprised, creases around your eyes that accentuate with each smile, and frown lines between your brows that exacerbate with worry.

You do need to be over 18 to receive Botox injections. Women who are pregnant or nursing should hold off on getting Botox injections, too. We review your medical history and aesthetic goals prior to including Botox as part of your beauty routine. Xeomin® is another well-respected and studied injectable wrinkle reducer that may be an alternative to Botox, depending on your particular situation.

How Botox fits into a beauty routine

The effects of Botox last three to four months, depending on the area treated and how your particular wrinkles respond. Together, we can set up a regular schedule of appointments so your results don’t completely wear off and you don’t lose your youthful, smooth-skinned look.

When you come in for your Botox appointment, we cleanse your face and locate the sites of muscle activity. We then expertly apply the Botox via injection with a very small needle. You may experience slight discomfort, but most people tolerate it quite well.

The entire appointment lasts just 15-20 minutes. You can go back to your regular activity following Botox injections, too. Many people schedule the procedure during their lunch hour, so it fits easily into their day.

If you do have any side effects, they may appear as slight redness or bruising at the sites of the injections. You can use makeup to cover these side effects, which disappear within a few days.

Prevent future wrinkles

Making Botox a regular part of your beauty routine can even prevent future wrinkles and unwanted lines.

Botox works by temporarily easing the muscle activity that causes lines and wrinkles to accentuate when you smile, laugh, or frown. We can apply Botox to retrain your facial muscles so they don’t pull your face in a direction that causes creasing and the appearance of aging.

You may find your entire expression softens all over as Botox becomes a regular part of your routine. You look more relaxed, but not artificially frozen.

If you’re ready to enhance your look without invasive surgery or laser treatments, talk to our team at Signature Skin Care about cosmetic injectable treatments. Botox fits into a regular beauty routine quite easily but leaves a big impact on your appearance and confidence. Call today for your consultation or request an appointment using our online scheduler.

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