Unwanted facial hair on your chin, upper lip, and cheeks may make you feel self-conscious. It also prevents makeup from going on smoothly and gives you a dull, dusty complexion.

At Signature Skin Care, we offer an excellent facial hair removal option, dermaplaning, which is especially useful if you have sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to laser treatment or depilatories. We use a scalpel-like blade to gently shave off peach fuzz and dead skin cells. You end up with a radiant glow that you can’t achieve with other methods of treatment.

With dermaplaning, chin hair is gone — along with other unwanted facial hair.

About the dermaplaning process

Dermaplaning is noninvasive. It involves a 10-inch scalpel that curves into a sharp point, which only brushes against your clean, dry skin. There are no incisions, injections, laser energy, or blood loss. Think of dermaplaning as manual exfoliation with a blade.

Dermaplaning is a good option because these hairs are so fine that they often don’t respond to shaving or waxing.

During the treatment, the blade shaves your skin in a soothing and gentle procedure. Most people describe the session as pleasant and relaxing.

Candidates for dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is appropriate for your:

  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Neck
  • Cheeks
  • Chin

If you have visible facial hair or the subtle peach fuzz (vellus hair) that interferes with a smooth look, you may be a good candidate for dermaplaning. Everyone has this layer of vellus hair, but it’s thicker and more noticeable on some people.

Dermaplaning is effective on light and dark hair and all skin types. Unlike other more invasive methods of exfoliation, dermaplaning works on darker skin tones and doesn’t put you at risk for microabrasions and hyperpigmentation.

If you desire brighter skin that is smooth, glowing, and more youthful, dermaplaning is a great option. The only people who should avoid the procedure are those with active cystic acne outbreaks.

Dermaplaning is appropriate even for those with sensitive skin. Because it goes deeper than your average shave, it clears away grime and dead skin cells, which can clog pores and cause pimples. You’ll also experience better absorption of your skin care products due to your skin’s smoother surface.

No impact on how your hair grows back

If you have noticeable chin hair, you may benefit from a monthly dermaplaning appointment. But if you have light hair that’s mildly bothersome, you can get away with treatments once per quarter.

You may have heard the claims that when you shave facial hair with dermaplaning, you only encourage it to grow back thicker and more dense. This is absolutely not true. Dermaplaning has little to no impact on how your hair will look when it grows back.

If you have unwanted hair on your chin, or on other areas of your face, dermaplaning is a fantastic, noninvasive way to remove it and leave you with immediately glowing, radiant skin as a result.

At Signature Skin Care, we want to help you achieve your complexion goals. Talk to us about your skin concerns, and we’ll recommend just the right treatments, including dermaplaning, peels, and other methods of exfoliation. Call our Edmond, Oklahoma, office or request an appointment online through this website.

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