Here’s Why Exfoliation Is an Essential Part of Your Skin Care Routine

Your skin is a living, ever-changing organ. Old skin cells shed to reveal fresh, new skin. Sometimes, though, these older cells don’t slough away as quickly or efficiently as they should, clogging pores and leaving your complexion looking dull, dry, and flakey. Exfoliation helps your skin with the natural process of shedding these cells to create a smooth, healthy glow.

At Signature Skin Care in Edmond, Oklahoma, we use microdermabrasion and DermaSweep® therapies to erase imperfections and reveal fresh, radiant skin. Gina L. Ressler, MD, and her team help our clients achieve the dramatic benefits that exfoliation can provide. Make it a part of your skin care routine.

Treat your skin’s surface

The outer layer of your skin, the dermis, is what you show off to the world. Your body naturally sheds the old skin cells on this outer layer, but if these cells don’t slough off quickly or completely, your complexion suffers. Instead of glowing, your face may appear dull with uneven coloration. The texture may feel rough and dry.

With regular exfoliation, your skin’s texture smooths and becomes healthier, stronger, and more resilient as you stimulate the production of collagen, a skin-strengthening compound. By ridding yourself of the dry, old cells, it’s easier for foundation to glide onto your skin and for moisturizers, serums, and gels to penetrate through your pores to deeper layers and work their magic.

Improve your skin’s appearance

Even if you invest in the highest quality cleansers, washing your face may just not be enough. Your skin regenerates itself every 27 days. How you care for yourself daily determines whether your skin improves in appearance during this regeneration or worsens.

Exfoliation is an effective way to boost your look and accelerate rejuvenation. When exfoliation is part of your regular skin care routine, you minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, ease the severity of acne outbreaks and acne scars, reduce the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation, and shrink bags that form around your eyes.

Microdermabrasion for exfoliation

Your outer layer of skin is known as the stratum corneum. It contains dead skin cells and can usually be cleansed with facial scrubs. But deeper exfoliation comes with microdermabrasion, which we offer here at Signature Skin Care.

We use fine crystals to effectively free up dead skin cells and a vacuum to clear them away and reveal radiant, fresh skin.

DermaSweep for the most dramatic results

DermaSweep is an innovative 30-minute treatment that exfoliates, improves circulation, and delivers vital nutrients to nourish your complexion. The therapy exfoliates using custom bristle tips designed to give you just the right level of exfoliation.

While exfoliation helps boost circulation and stimulates collagen production, the DermaSweep treatment does even more. It enhances lymphatic drainage and oxygenation to further complement the effects of exfoliation.

A DermaSweep treatment concludes with the application of specially formulated serums to optimize your skin’s glow and promote further healing. A series of 3-6 treatments spaced about two weeks apart helps you achieve ultimate results. We can set up a schedule appropriate for you.

Our team at Signature Skin Care reviews your treatment options with you and helps you develop a skin care routine suited for your individual goals and lifestyle.

If you desire softer feeling and smoother looking skin, schedule an exfoliation treatment at Signature Skin Care right away. Regular professional exfoliation reveals the freshest, most radiant complexion. Call today to schedule or use our online form to request an appointment.

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