Signature Skin Care uses DermaMedics products. DermaMedics has broad expertise in skin research, drug discovery, and topical product formulation. The success of these clinical studies has led DermaMedics to develop a line of Therosol®-based cosmetics and OTC drug products specifically designed for physicians and other medical professionals.

Did you know DermaMedics is a local product in many ways? Founder Bryan B. Fuller was a professor at the University of Oklahoma and continues to teach Oklahoma medical students as an OUHSC adjunct. The company is using his expertise of the human skin to identify novel phytochemicals that can gently and effectively treat inflammatory skin problems and skin aging without the side effects associated with topical corticosteroids and immunosuppressive drugs. DermaMedics™ research has led to the discovery of Therosol®, a botanically-derived chemical compound with remarkable anti-inflammatory and anti-aging activities.

Clinical studies have shown that topical Therosol® is effective in treating psoriasis, eczema, acne, and rosacea, and can prevent radiation burns in cancer patients.

The DermaMedics Difference

Patent-pending Therosol® anti-inflammatory and anti-aging technology.

Each product is formulated with a precise amount of Bioactive to ensure effectiveness.

  • Optimized skin penetration of bioactives
  • Formulation ingredients specifically selected for each skin problem to ensure gentle, non-irritating compatibility to help speed up the healing process
  • Clinically proven products
  • The pharmaceutical approach to developing effective skin care products
  • Building an effective skin care product is not a mystery: it simply requires adhering to three basic steps in product development.
    1. Use an ACTIVE ingredient in the product that has been scientifically proven to improve skin appearance and function.
    2. Use ENOUGH of this Bioactive ingredient in the formulation to be effective.
    3. Design the formulation to enhance the PENETRATION of the Bioactive into the skin to reach and correct damaged cells many cell layers below the surface.
      • DermaMedics products offer unmatched efficacy for improving skin’s appearance
      • DermaMedics scientists use a pharmaceutical quality, state-of-the-art, drug screening program to identify novel, botanically-derived bioactives with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects on skin
      • Only DermaMedics products contain the company’s patent-pending and clinically proven Bioactive, Therosol®
      • ll Bioactives in DermaMedics products are 99.8% pure. No crude plant extracts containing hundreds of unknown chemicals that can cause skin sensitization are ever used
      • DermaMedics tests every formulation on human skin to ensure that the Bioactives penetrate into the skin

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