Great Results with Non-Invasive Body Reshaping in the OKC Metro


Sculpt your body with body reshaping at Signature Skin Care in Edmond. Our body shaping system is the leading Accent your Body system.

Accent provides controlled heat therapy to fight uneven skin and reshape any bulges or sagging skin on your body. The treatment is quick and virtually pain-free.

There are no incisions, stitches or even anesthesia. You won’t need any downtime for recovery.

Smoother Skin for a Slim, Sculpted Look

Accent helps smooth and tighten loose or dimpled skin anywhere on your body. The treatment can help flatten your stomach, slim your hips or thighs and tone your arms. Many women choose this treatment after extreme weight loss or after having a baby.

How does it work?


Accent uses advanced medical technology called radio frequency to heat the dermis, your skin’s inner layer. This targeted heat energy helps reorganize the cellular environment and stimulates your cells to release toxins, drain retained fluids and produce new collagen. Many patients also experience increased blood circulation and connective tissue shrinkage from heat therapy.

Ask Our Experts

Please talk to Dr. Ressler, or one of our state-certified, physician-trained nurses or estheticians about the amazing, surgery-free results that you can achieve with combination treatments with Accent and one of our other skin resurfacing laser treatments. Celebrate post-baby bodies, weight-loss success stories and more with non-invasive enhancement of your skin.

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