Can’t Get Your Eyeliner to Look the Same Every Day? Consider Permanent Makeup

Applying eyeliner each day is one morning task most women would love to put to rest. Who needs the hassle? The daily attempt to get that perfect cat’s-eye look requires a lot of time, and you may not always be able to get the look you desire.

The good news is that permanent makeup can give you the long-lasting look that you have always wanted. And you can even enhance your eyebrows, the appearance of your eyelashes, and your lips.

What is permanent makeup?

Simply put, permanent makeup is a process of introducing coloring pigments to your skin through micro-implantation to outline, contour, and enhance your facial features. It’s sometimes known as cosmetic tattooing.

This procedure is also valuable for camouflaging burns and scars or improving irregularities on your face. It can be used to correct skin color variances due to vitiligo or to enhance post-operative procedures and facial rejuvenation.

At Signature Skin Care, we use special tools, techniques, and pigments meant explicitly for micropigmentation procedures, thus making them sterile, safe, and painless.
What the application of permanent makeup entails

Our specialists at Signature Skin Care use a pen/rotary machine to deliver ink to the area being enhanced. For permanent eyeliner, the ink is inserted around the eyes in the desired form. Typically, for permanent eyeliner to be most effective, we recommend two sessions. We usually adjust the shape and pigment for the eyeliner during the second session.

We can also enhance your eyebrows and lips (with both lip liner and full lip color). And eyelash enhancement involves pigment between the lashes to create a fuller effect without eyeliner.

During the makeup application procedure, the pigment enters the skin’s dermal layers, moving down underneath the surface into the tiny capillaries. You might experience some discomfort, although the local anesthetic should numb the area being treated and prevent any pain.

Permanent makeup is safe

At Signature Skin Care, this procedure is carried out under sterile conditions. We only use cartridges of a disposable needle with an automated implantation device. This treatment has no permanent side effects. Short-term side effects include some tenderness, swelling, and redness, which should disappear in two to five days.

Benefits of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup offers a host of benefits. It can:

  • Save time that you would otherwise spend putting on makeup every day
  • Provide a makeup alternative for those with sensitive skin or allergies
  • Help women with motor disorders or visual impairment who have trouble applying makeup on a daily basis
  • Save money on the cost of cosmetics, which may offset some of the cost of the procedure
  • Replace hair (eyebrows) lost to chemotherapy or an accident

Most of all, you get a consistent look and enhanced facial features.

What to expect

Initially, permanent makeup effects appear darker than you expect. This is because the pigment at first remains in the outermost skin layers. Within a few days, the color softens as the upper epidermis layers of your skin slough off and new skin cells replace the old.

Healing after the procedure

You can expect to have some redness and swelling for 24 hours after the treatment. Bruising and a little bleeding can also occur but should resolve within days. To help reduce swelling around your eyes, you can use a cold compress. Also, be sure to keep the treated area clean, and do not put on any makeup for a few days.

Some lightening of the color and skin peeling is normal. During your follow-up appointments, you can have additional adjustments done as you desire.

You can resume daily routines immediately after treatment, but avoid swimming, tanning, or vigorous exercise for several days. Complete healing typically takes up to a week.

How long do the results last?

You can expect gradual fading for each micropigmentation procedure. Results differ for each person and also depend on the particular shade of pigment used. While some colors last for about 10 years, most last three to five years.

To maintain the appearance that you desire, we recommend that you come back for some periodic touch-ups. You also have the choice to change your permanent makeup colors. For example, you can have brown eyeliner modified to navy or black.

To find out more about permanent makeup, its benefits, and what it can do for you, schedule a complimentary consultation with us at Signature Skin Care by calling or booking your appointment online.

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